«EKOR-SP» Product Company» is an active player in the market of organomineral biological products for agriculture and environmental protection. The company was founded in 2017 to produce innovative high-quality biopreparations of unique characteristics providing competitive advantages to our Partners and Clients.

The mission of «EKOR-SP» is to extract and transform forces of Nature for the benefit of Russia.

Our products

Concentrated potassium humate with «EKO-SP»

Fertilizer based on humus substances «EKO-SP» is a new generation of high-quality complex organomineral fertilizers with a full set of humic acids, fulvic acids, amino acids, low-molecular organic acids, micro and macroelements in chelated form.

Achievements: high content of humus substances, high biological and regenerative activity of the biological product.

«EKO-SP» organomineral degradator

«EKO-SP» organomineral degradator for animal and poultry farming is an organic reagent with the unique fermentation activity index of biological catalysts, recovery index and humic compounds.

Achievements: disinfection of animal and birds waste products controlled by accelerated bioconversion and biosynthesis of new compounds in complex microbiological media.

Humic feed additive «EKO-SP»

«EKO-SP» humic feed additive is a reliable and safe way to strengthen immunity of animals and poultry, based on unique properties of humic acids.

Achievements: High biological activity improves metabolic processes in animals: increases appetite, improves liver function, is a prophylactic against animal hepatoses, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal mucosa, which leads to greater growth of muscle tissue and weight gain while reducing the cost of food supply.

«EKO-SP» ogano-mineral absorbent

«EKO-SP» ogano-mineral absorbent for ecology is an eco-friendly, harmless reagent for soil and water purification from hydrocarbon contaminants.

Achievements: the quickest possible contaminant absorption, high hydrophobicity, inertness, full biodegradability.


The company produces and researches biologically active substances from natural biocomplexes and environmentally friendly natural components based on humus substances.

The technology is based on multi-factor processing in receipt and rotary-pulse devices, which makes it possible to obtain drugs with high biological activity and a large yield of water-soluble organic substances.

We offer mutually beneficial cooperation in the production of agricultural products for your needs on partner terms.

Production of raw materials for your production.

Scalability and efficiency allows you to deploy production on your territory with minimal investment.

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